Testimonial: Air Conditioning Technician


Below is a testimonial about Envera Systems from Eric V., an Air Conditioning Technician. Community vendors need quick and secure access to the associations that they work in. Eric explains how Envera Systems has impacted his work in certain communities.

I’m going in and out of communities every day, and typically when it’s a guard situation, it’s a longer process to get in. Whereas, when it’s Envera Systems, it’s quick. As soon as I pull up, I’m verified, and I get into the community a lot faster. Being that getting in and out of communities is an important aspect of my job, I do prefer it. Plus, I think there is definitely an advantage on the security side.

These are the success stories Envera Systems can produce for your community with a Virtual Gate Guard at the entrance. Plus, Envera offers security solutions for other areas of a community through Active Video SurveillancePassive Video Surveillance, and Access Control.

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