Passive Video Surveillance

Helps Recoup Damage Costs
Access to Live and Recorded Video
Video Retrieval Service from Envera
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Record and Store Video Footage of Activity at an Entrance or Community Area
24/7 Video Recording
Capture Vehicle Make, Model, and License Plate
Continuous Health Monitoring of the System
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Envera’s Passive Video Surveillance system is a remote security solution that records and stores video footage of activity at community entrances, non-gated entrances, amenities, and other assets. This can include record of those that damage gates or other property. Specialized license plate cameras are often used, enabling capture of license plate tags that enter and exit a community. Often times, Envera is able to provide the vehicle owner information to the community to recoup damage costs when an incident occurs.

This video surveillance system also works well for community parking lots, playgrounds, and other recreational areas that do not close overnight. Video surveillance systems are a common deterrent to crime, and they greatly increase the chance that any perpetrator can be found and help responsible for damage caused.

The money recouped through the use of Passive Video solutions often pays for the system itself. Plus, time is saved when Envera’s team members assist the community by retrieving the footage needed, including vehicle owner information when license plate cameras are employed.

For gated community entrances, Envera frequently installs High-Speed Barrier Gates with gate strike sensors. When an arm is hit with a gate strike sensor, a signal alerts our Central Monitoring Operations Center and an incident report is provided to the community. When requested, Envera will retrieve the associated video of the incident and information about the owner of the vehicle that struck the gate.