Outdoor Asset Protection

24/7 Video Surveillance
Active Monitoring During Closed Hours
Video and Voice Record of Any Incidents
Video Retrieval Service
Notification of All Incidents and Resolution
Authorized Access Credentials for Verified Users
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Who is Envera?

Envera Systems specializes in making security more effective and efficient with technology-based asset protection solutions. Through the use of cutting-edge technology combined with Virtual Guards, Envera is able to provide affordable security for outdoor assets and areas. Our Central Station oversees it all, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The licensed security guards located there make it a priority to respond to alarms and provide best-in-class security services.

Envera is an all-inclusive security company equipped to handling the complete cycle of services from installation to monitoring and servicing of equipment. It’s called the Envera Difference.

What is Outdoor Asset Protection?

For 24/7 outdoor asset protection, Envera uses a preventative system called Active Video Surveillance. This system is designed with high-resolution, digital cameras that are equipped with video analytics. Video analytics automatically differentiate between nature and a person trespassing into a closed area. When trespassers enter a closed asset, an Envera Virtual Guard is alerted at our Central Station. With one-way video and two-way audio capabilities, the Virtual Guard will voice-down to trespassers demanding they leave to stop vandalism or damage before it happens. If trespassers refuse, a Virtual Guard will contact the local authorities. During the day, Active Video Surveillance records normally without voice-downs but still captures activity in the area.

Envera also provides Passive Video Surveillance as an asset protection service to film and store video footage of an area. This can include capturing license plates entering and exiting a gated area. If an incident occurs or video is needed, Envera’s Virtual Guards can retrieve the video for the property, as well as vehicle owner information from the captured video of vehicle tags. 24/7 video surveillance systems are an effective deterrent for crime and provide beneficial evidence if suspicious activity or damage occurs.

Regulate who can enter an area and when with Access Control. This layer of asset protection can grant or deny access at entry gates, doors, and other assets through verified credentials. You control who is authorized and when they are permitted to enter an area. You also determine what level of access users have based on locations, time of day, and more. Plus, records of every entry or denied transaction are available in reports. Envera’s Access Control system can be property-wide for accurate coverage at all areas.

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