Access Control

Secure and Simple Entry for Residents and Staff
Web-Based Database Management
Prevent Unauthorized Access to the Community and Amenities
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Determine the Level of Access for Residents and Staff Based on Locations, Time of Day, and other Criteria Established by the Community.
Grant Access Only to Residents and Property Staff with Credentials
Level of Access Decided by Location, Times, and More
Keep the Database Current with Envera's Service
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Whether it is resident entry for vehicles, pedestrian gates, or pool doors, Access Control security is the solution to regulate who can enter an area and what times. A robust Access Control system provides a layer of security by granting or denying access through credentials. When authorized, the credentials will open gates and unlock doors an community entrances, fitness centers, clubhouses, and more.

Envera’s database technology allows you to control who is authorized and what times they are permitted to enter an area. Access can be granted through key cards, fobs, vehicle stickers, or biometric identifiers. The community determines what level of access each user has based on location, time of day, and more.

Managing a resident database for Access Control no longer has to be time-consuming for property management or board members. Envera’s virtual security services include helping maintain the community database, keeping it up-to-date and accurate. Our browser-based database technology allows updates to resident access level from a web-enable device. If a resident moves away, Envera will remove access from the individual to ensure that only permitted users can access the designated areas.

With an Envera Access Control system, coverage can be community-wide. This consolidates a community database making it easier to manage, update, and record data.

This system is often enhanced with Envera’s Active Video Surveillance or Passive Video Surveillance for footage of community amenities during open and closed hours.