Virtual Gate Guard



Still Using a Guard with a Clipboard or Telephone Entry?


Replace or supplement your traditional security guard with the patented Envera Kiosk System™. The system consists of high-resolution digital cameras, video and audio recorders, and licensed Virtual Guards located at our industry leading central station.

There are two Virtual Gate Guard options:

Expedite entry transactions with our Automatic License Plate Reader. This system captures the license plate of every guest that pulls up to a community entrance. If the visitor’s license plate is in the database, the license plate will be recognized, and the gate will open. Click here to see the quick transaction process.

Automatically verify each guest with our Driver’s License Scanner. This system is equipped with an easy-to-use card reader. When guests insert their driver’s license, the information is quickly cross-referenced with the database to determine if the guest is authorized. If the guest is in the system, the gates will open. Click here to see the easy verification.

When a guest is not automatically authorized with the License Plate Reader or Driver’s License Scanner, our licensed guards will greet your guest and contact the resident he or she would like to see. Then the guard will grant or deny access as necessary.

Two-way audio and one-way video facilitates the communication between the visitor at the gate and the guard at our central station. Each visitor is logged using active video and audio verification.

In case of questionable activities, including uncooperative visitors and property damage, our Virtual Guards will notify community representatives so appropriate actions can be taken. The audio and video of every visitor is stored remotely and can be replayed, analyzed, and submitted to law enforcement or insurance representatives as needed.



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