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Envera’s 3D world showcases the signature security solutions and where they are typically utilized throughout a community. Use the interactive map to click and view individual systems, or take a complete virtual tour!

Virtual Gate Guard

The Envera Systems Virtual Guard Guard can greet guests and/or cross-reference each guest’s identification or vehicle with the authorized visitor list for enhanced residential security. The system uses high-resolution digital cameras, microphones, and video and audio recorders for communication, surveillance, and to provide an archived record of events.

  • Visitor Verification
  • Record of Each Visitor Permitted or Denied
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Web-Based Visitor Management
  • Automatic Driver’s License Recognition (Option)
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (Option)

Active Video Surveillance

High-resolution digital cameras equipped with video analytics allow our state-licensed Virtual Guards to proactively monitor community amenities when they are closed.

  • Event-Based Monitoring with Advanced Video Analytics
  • Live, Two-Way Audio as Event Occurs
  • Live Video Before, During, and After an Event
  • Deters Vandalism and Trespassing
  • Email Notification of Events

Access Control

Add an additional layer of residential security by determining what level of access your users have based on locations, time of day, or other criteria. Access can be granted through key cards, fobs, vehicle stickers, or biometric identifiers like fingerprint readers.

  • Web-Based Database Management
  • Grant Access Only to Residents/Property Officials with Credentials
  • Level of Access Determined by the Community
  • Deters Trespassing

Passive Video Surveillance

High-resolution digital video cameras film and store footage of everyone that enters or leaves the premises. This residential security system can capture and store the makes and models of vehicles, as well as the license plate number to enhance the chances of recouping the costs of gate and property damage.

  • Archived Video with 24/7 Recording
  • Helps Recoup Property Damage Costs
  • Video Pulled After Event Occurs
  • Records Make/Model of Vehicles
  • Captures License Plate Number

Wholesale Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Provide each home in a community with residential security including two-way speakers and microphone devices that allow our state-licensed Virtual Guards to listen to and communicate with a protected property when an alarm signal is received.

  • Two-Way Audio
  • Class D Licensed Guards
  • Low Number of False Alarms
  • Optional Video Integration

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