Frequently Asked Questions


The web portal includes a section called Add/Change Visitor. In blue, you will see the option to Add a visitor. For further assistance, please view our MyEnvera tutorial videos. In the app, you will select the icon with two figures and a plus sign in the upper, right corner.

You can request your username, reset your password, and change your PIN at or with the app. If you have any issues, you can email for assistance. Please keep in mind, a username cannot be created for security purposes. Envera must have confirmation from an authorized community contact that you are a resident/renter within an Envera-secured community.

Yes, household members can all use the app if they have access to their household login information.

There is only one login per household, with the exception of tenants who have a separate login.


Envera has a team dedicated to standard maintenance and emergency repairs. We can’t do our job effectively if your equipment is not working properly. We will inform you of any issues we find, as well as timelines for repairs and service. We also offer a Service & Maintenance Plan to help communities budget for unexpected maintenance. Our standard repair and maintenance rates can be found here.

Envera installs, implements, monitors, and services all customers in-house without using third parties. Occasionally, additional professionals are needed for concrete work, boring, servicing on barrier gates, or wholesale alarm monitoring implementations.

The original company was founded in 1996. It was rebranded “Envera Systems” in 2007 to reflect our focus on community security and access control security. Envera is derived to mean “enter with truth” or “enter with verification.”

Envera’s Central Station operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. Envera’s Installation and Service Teams are available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM. Emergency service is also available when needed.

Envera operates in over 30 counties in Florida, securing hundreds of communities throughout the state. We would put the exact number, but our web team would have to keep changing it since we are growing so rapidly.

Each community has unique security needs, and Envera customizes its solutions to each community. To learn more about how to get a FREE security analysis for your community, contact Envera at 855-936-8372, or CLICK HERE.

Virtual Gate Guard

Residents may have to use a Virtual Gate Guard kiosk for entry if they are using a rental car or arriving in a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. If the community uses driver’s license recognition, the resident will insert his/her ID into the scanner for verification. Communities without driver’s license recognition will require a resident to provide their name, address, and/or PIN.

Every visitor must be processed by a Virtual Guard on their visit at a community with a Virtual Gate Guard. If the guest is listed in MyEnvera as permanent or temporary, the system will associate the vehicle’s license plate or the guest’s driver’s license with the visitor record. Both Automatic License Plate Recognition and Automatic Driver’s License Recognition use optical character recognition to turn the license plate image or driver’s license image into data. When the same guest returns to the community, an image of the license plate or driver’s license will be captured and cross-referenced with approved visitor records. If a match is found, the guest is automatically verified and granted entry.

Envera’s MyEnvera web portal and smartphone app can be used by residents to register permanent, temporary, and one-time guests. MyEnvera provides residents of Envera-secured communities’ access to edit their approved guest lists and profile information, with access to important community contacts.

Envera’s Automatic Driver’s License solution does not swipe a license’s magnetic strip when it is inserted into the Kiosk. Instead, an ATM-style card scanner captures an image of the front of the identification card. This image is then cross-referenced with a community’s approved visitor list. Read more about this system and keeping personal information secure in this article. You can also read Envera’s privacy policy in relation to the visitor verification process here.

Each community can create their own Community List of vendors and services allowed into the community. The authorized community contact(s) can set whether or not the vendor is always allowed in (ex: deliveries) or only during certain days and times (ex: lawn care – Monday through Friday).

Envera’s Virtual Security Guards will do whatever is instructed by the community’s post orders, just as an onsite security guard would do.

Every second counts in an emergency. This is one of the great things about Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard. The second the Envera Guard sees an emergency responder, they automatically open the gate for them thereby cutting down the response time to get to the needed residence. In many municipalities, the fire and police departments also have a special device that allows them to instantly open the gate on their own when responding to a call.

Video Surveillance

Dummy cameras are never a good idea because they create potential liability for the association. When owner, renters, and visitors see dummy cameras, they often believe the premises are being monitored, and they are reasonably safe. If a serious crime takes place, it is very likely that the association will be named as a defendant, in which case it will have no video footage of actual events. It is far better for the association to invest in real cameras and video surveillance systems in order to both deter crime and effectively handle such incidents. You can read more information in this article.

Access Control

The database for our Resident Vehicle Access Control Security System is stored locally inside access control modules. The system uses the Internet to receive updates from Envera or the property manager. If the Internet is down, the system will operate normally, but it will not receive updates until the Internet connection is restored.