License Plate Technology

Expedited Entry for Permitted Visitors
Easy Visitor Management for Residents
Faster Wait Times
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An enhanced gate security system to expedite entry and easily verify authorized visitors
Verify by License Plate
Video and Audio Recording
Trained Virtual Guards
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Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard with license plate technology expedites entry transactions and easily verifies permitted visitors at gated community entrances.

This gate security system captures an image of the license plate of each guest using the visitor lane. With optical character recognition, an image of the vehicle’s tag is cross-referenced with the database of approved visitors (vehicles). If the visitor in that vehicle has been to the community before and the license plate is recognized as permitted, the gate will automatically open.

Residents easily manage their own list of approved visitors and vendors with MyEnvera. MyEnvera is a web portal and app that is included with the Virtual Gate Guard system. It allows residents to easily add permanent, temporary, and one-time guests. With simple visitor management for residents and an advanced gate system, stacking and wait times are reduced at the entrance while keeping record of each visitor arriving at the community.

When a vehicle is not automatically recognized, a trained Envera virtual guard will greet the guest through the system. The gate guard speaks with the driver to ask where the guest is going. When needed, the guard will call the resident to verify whether or not the guest is allowed into the community.

Communities with on-site guards can save money and enhance gate security with a hybrid solution including the Virtual Gate Guard and Envera’s Guard Module Software. Often times, on-site gate attendants will verify visitors during the day using Envera’s software, and the Virtual Gate Guard will continue verifying visitors overnight for a consolidated and cost-efficient solution.