Barrier Gates

Deter Tailgating
Arms Quickly Open for Authorized Vehicles
Gate Strike Sensors Alert Envera to Incidents
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Gate Systems to Prevent Tailgating
High-Speed Open and Close
Easily Reset with Breakaway Technology
Notification of Incidents
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High-Speed Barrier Gates are the solution for communities in need of a more efficient gate system and reducing tailgating. With open and close times at about one second, unauthorized vehicles cannot easily sneak through. This decreases one of the most common concerns that many communities face at gated entrances.

Improvements to this technology include the appearance, quality, and ability to easily repair or reset the arms. Many old barrier arms require service when hit, but newer High-Speed Barrier Gates have breakaway technology that allows them to swing open or up when hit. Then these gate systems are easily reset without permanent damage.

Add High-Speed Barrier Gates to a gated entrance with metal gates. Slide and swing gates work efficiently to deter pedestrian trespassers. However, they are often not quick enough to prevent tailgaters, but the addition of barrier gates helps prevent unauthorized vehicles as well.

High-Speed Barrier Gates can include LED lighting. This means the arm is red when closed, and then it turns green when it opens. With illuminated Barrier Gates, communities have gate systems that look and function superiorly.

In the event that a barrier arm is hit by a tailgater, Envera’s High-Speed Barrier Gates include gate strike sensors. When an arm is hit with a gate strike sensor, a Virtual Guard at Envera’s Central Monitoring Operations Center is notified that the arm was struck. Then, our team can quickly notify the community and access the video to help recoup damage costs. When used in conjunction with Virtual Gate Guard or Passive Video Surveillance systems, Envera can retrieve the license plate of the vehicle that hit the gate to provide vehicle owner information to the community.