Active Video Surveillance



Always On Duty, Never Intimidated.

Our active video surveillance is always awake, never sick, and never on vacation. Using digital video cameras, audio and video recorders, and secure Internet connections, our licensed Virtual Guards can monitor and protect your property during all closed, restricted and after hours from our central station.

Active video surveillance can be used outside or indoors.

– Common applications include:
– Pools, parks, and recreational areas
– Storage facilities
– Trash & Recycling areas
– Docks & Boat Ramps
– Outdoor Assets

Our high-resolution digital cameras are equipped with video analytics that automatically differentiate between a branch blowing in the wind and a trespasser breaching the perimeter. Utilizing one-way video and two-way audio, our guards can voice down to trespassers demanding they leave and documenting the trespass. If trespassers refuse, our guards will contact the local authorities.



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