Passive Video Surveillance

Recoup The Costs Of Gate Accidents

Our Passive Video Surveillance system is a remote security solution that films and stores video footage of everyone that enters or leaves an area. This can include those that damage gates or other property. When specialized license plate cameras are used, Envera is able to capture license plate tags entering and exiting a community.  Often times, this allows Envera to provide the vehicle owner information to property management to recoup damage costs when an incident occurs.

Passive Video Surveillance typically accompanies our Virtual Gate Guard systems at gated entrances to capture additional video. It can also be used at non-gated community entrances, such as some condominium high-rise buildings, for record of activity at the entrance and vehicles entering and exiting the community.

Envera also uses and installs gate strike sensors on barrier arms at community entrances. When an arm with a gate strike sensor is hit, a Virtual Guard is immediately signaled. This expedites the process for our guards to pull footage of the incident, as well as retrieve vehicle owner information from video capture of the license plate.

These systems also works well for community parking lots, playgrounds, and other recreational areas. Video surveillance systems are a common deterrent to crime, and they greatly increase the chance that any perpetrator can be found and held responsible if an incident occurs.

The money recouped through the use of Passive Video solutions generally pay for the system itself. Plus, time is saved with this crime prevention security system when vandalism isn’t committed once the would-be vandals know that your property is being recorded.

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