Property Managers

A property manager has many responsibilities, often including security services. As an experienced and innovative security partner, Envera makes property management easier. This allows managers to focus on other community operations while adding value for clients. With Envera Systems, you can consolidate all of your security needs with a cost-effective plan tailored to each property.

Our Virtual Guards can monitor, greet, and verify all visitors at a community gate with the Envera-invented Virtual Gate GuardPassive Video Surveillance is Envera’s camera system for non-gated entrances, resident-only gates, and other community areas. The Active Video Surveillance systems can monitor pools, clubhouses, and other recreational areas. If a trespasser enters an amenity, our security guards can voice down, demanding the trespasser leaves. Access Control security can utilize unique credentials for you to determine what level of access users have at a location.

Envera’s security services include database management, monitoring, video retrieval, and service and maintenance plans. As an all-inclusive security solutions company, Envera also implements and installs all services. This means a team is dedicated to helping your community through the process, and trained installers properly wire and program the systems in a professional and timely manner.

Property managers no longer have to spend time scrolling through video to find vandals or trespassers, while trying to manage resident databases, and constantly searching for repairmen to fix outdated equipment. Envera has made it easier for property managers to focus on the needs of residents, while experts handles the security services for the entire community. It’s part of the Envera difference.