Be A Hero At Your Next Association Meeting with a Virtual Guard

As a homeowner’s association, providing quality security to your community and maintaining a balanced budget are two primary concerns. An Envera Systems virtual guard security solution can be tailored to your needs and budget, allowing you to protect your community more efficiently, with affordable security systems.

Instead of a costly manned entry gate or an outdated telephone entry system, your community can employ Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard services. The patented Kiosk System is complete with high-resolution digital cameras, audio recorders, and video recorders operated by our licensed Virtual Guards located at our industry-leading Central Station.

While Virtual Guards greet and screen visitors, you can use Envera’s Passive Video Surveillance to record every vehicle and license plate entering the community. In case of an incident, such as a car damaging a gate or a suspicious vehicle entering the community, we can recall the footage and use the license plate number to assist in identifying the owner of the vehicle.

For faster identification of vehicles that cause gate damage, Envera can install or include a gate strike sensor on barrier arms. The gate strike sensor will immediately notify our Virtual Guards when a barrier arm is hit or out of place. Our guards will recall the video footage, license plate number, and vehicle owner information to aid in recouping damage costs.

Envera’s Access Control security can make it easy for communities to manage, how, when, and who can enter a community and its amenities. Our system utilizes credentials such as key cards, fobs, or biometric identifiers with fingerprint scanners. You determine what level of access your users have based on location, time of day, authorization, or other criteria.

In addition, Envera offers security camera systems for amenity monitoring. Active Video Surveillance is key to keeping your pool, clubhouse, and recreational areas free of vandals and after-hours trespassers. Armed with high-resolution digital cameras, and two-way audio, our security guards can voice-down to trespassers demanding they leave. If trespassers refuse, an Envera virtual guard can contact local authorities.

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