Condo Associations


The Perfect Security Solution for Your Condo Association.

High-quality security is finally cost-effective for condo associations of all sizes. With an Envera security system tailored to your needs and budget, your condo will be protected better, and at less cost, than traditional security guards.

The Envera Virtual Doorman can replace or supplement a traditional doorman on a 24-hour or per shift basis. The system uses high-resolution digital cameras and video recorders to monitor your property. State licensed guards located at our central station monitor the video feed while using two-way audio to greet guest and cross-reference the guests ID with your authorized visitor list. If the guest is not on the list, the guard will contact the resident or administrator and grant or deny access as necessary.

While the Virtual Doorman greets and screens visitors, every vehicle and license plate that enters the premises can be recorded with Envera’s Passive Video Surveillance. The video footage is then stored securely and can be recalled and used to aid in investigations and recovering damages.

Envera’s Access Control System is the perfect accompaniment to Passive Video Surveillance. Access Control devices such as key cards, fobs, and biometric identifiers like fingerprint scanners, are used to manage who can enter and when. You determine the level of access for each individual. Access levels can be based on time of day and location.

If your condo has a pool, clubhouse, or other recreational areas, Envera’s Active Video Surveillance is the key to warding off vandals and trespassers. Our remotely located guards utilize high-resolution digital cameras and two-way audio to voice down to trespassers demanding they leave. If trespassers refuse, our guards can contact the local authorities.

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