Community Development Districts



A Community Development District (CDD) is an independent unit of local government established by a developer or landowner. CDDs are created to plan, finance, construct, operate, and maintain community-wide infrastructure and services specifically for its residents.

Since CDDs contain public roads, they’re required to let everyone in, which makes traditional security guards mostly ineffective and unnecessarily expensive. With an Envera security system, you can increase your CDDs security at less cost than traditional guards.

The Envera Virtual Gate Guard utilizes the patented Envera Kiosk System™ to greet guest as they arrive at the community. The system uses high-resolution digital cameras and microphones to transmit the audio and video feed to our central station. The feed is monitored in real-time by state licensed guards who keep a record of every vehicle and driver that enters the community. Video and audio recorders archive everything that takes place at the gate, enabling the footage to be replayed, analyzed, and submitted to law enforcement or insurance representatives as needed.

While the Virtual Gate Guard monitors the in and outflows of the community, Active Video Surveillance protects the community interior in real-time. Ideal for community pools and recreational areas, the system uses high-resolution digital cameras and two-way audio devices equipped with video analytics to differentiate between windblown objects and trespassers breaching the perimeter. The video’s monitored by state licensed guards at our central station, who use two-way audio to voice down to trespassers demanding they leave. If the trespassers refuse, our guards contact the local authorities.

As an added layer of protection, CDD’s can utilize a robust Access Control System to grant or deny entry to specific community areas during specific times. Our database technology allows you to determine different levels of access for each individual. Access can be granted through key cards, fobs, vehicle stickers, or biometric identifiers such as fingerprint readers.

With an Envera security system tailored to the needs and budget of your CDD, you increase your community’s security while decreasing cost.


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