Community Development Districts

Envera Systems is understanding and experienced in the complexities involved with security solutions for Community Development Districts (CDD). Since many CDDs contain public roads, traditional security guards are mostly ineffective and unnecessarily expensive.

With Envera’s remote security solutions, we can tailor systems that work within the requirements of CDDs. We are often able to eliminate expensive guard costs at community entrances while enhancing security.

An Envera Push-Button Entry Kiosk can be used to for guests as they arrive at the community. High-resolution digital cameras and microphones transmit audio and video to our Central Monitoring Operations Center. When the information button is pushed, a virtual guard will speak with the driver in real time while recording the transaction and vehicle. In some cases, our security guards can assist guests with directions to a street or amenity within the community. All transactions are archived, enabling footage to be replayed, analyzed, and submitted to law enforcement or insurance representatives as need.

While a Virtual Gate Guard monitors the entrance of a community, Active Video Surveillance protects the interior amenities. Ideal for community pools and recreational areas, this system combines high-resolution digital camera, artificial intelligence, and two-way audio devices for a proactive video surveillance system. The video is monitored by our virtual guards who can voice-down to trespassers, demanding they leave. If trespassers refuse, our guards can contact local authorities.

For an additional layer of protection, CDDs can use robust Access Control security solutions to grant or deny entry at community areas during specific times. Our database technology allows you to determine different levels of access for each individual. Access can be granted through key cards, fobs, vehicle stickers, or biometric identifiers.

With Envera’s community security solutions tailored to the needs and budget of your CDD, you can increase security while decreasing cost. Plus, you will have a reliable security service and partner.