Virtual Gate Guard Security
for Community Development Districts

Community Development Districts (CDD) and other neighborhoods with public roads do not have to sacrifice security at their entrances. Envera understands and is experienced in security solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

With an Envera Push-Button Entry Kiosk, guests entering the CDD are logged and archived for enhanced security and record keeping by the community. High-resolution digital cameras capture the vehicle, license plate, and driver arriving at the gate. All video is transmitted to Envera’s state-of-the-art Central Station where Virtual Guards can retrieve video for the community when needed.

An information button is included in this type of Kiosk. When pushed, a Virtual Guard will greet the guest and speak with the driver in real time. In some cases, our security guards can assist guests with directions to a street or amenity within the community. All audio that takes place during the transaction is also transmitted to the Central Station. If needed, footage can be replayed, analyzed, and submitted to law enforcement or insurance representatives.

Employing traditional security guards at a CDD is mostly ineffective and unnecessarily expensive. Envera’s Virtual Guarding security solutions are tailored to each community’s needs and budget, providing heightened security at decreased costs.

Envera Systems can help secure amenities and assets within the CDD, as well. An Envera Access Control system allows a community to grant entry to permitted residents through gates and doors within the community. Active Video Surveillance is a preventative solution to address trespassers at amenities. Our Virtual Guards will voice down to anyone in an amenity area after hours.