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Community Snapshot

Jacksonville, FL • Under construction • 49 homes when completed

Before the gates and walls were installed at this private community, the property management company was researching security companies to monitor the entrance. The community wanted a system that was effective, efficient, and designed specifically for residential security in communities.

Residential Security Solutions Explored:

• Onsite guard – The community did little research on this security method as it was cost prohibitive from the start.

• Doormen-type options – Property management researched several types of doormen security options. Out-of-state vendors were also contacted. However, these systems were not specific for neighborhood security.

Envera Systems Virtual Guard Technology – Managers saw that this system specialized in residential security. It mirrored the features and usability of having a person, with increased reliability. Envera also offered a reasonable price with many included services.

Community Decision:

The community had Envera Systems install these residential security solutions:

Virtual Gate Guard System

MyEnvera Resident Portal for Registering Guests

Access Control

The Envera Systems Virtual Gate Guard was put in place to monitor guests entering the community. This is expected to deter trespassers, and only allow the entry of approved visitors. With the video surveillance accompanying the Virtual Gate Guard, the community has the capability of accessing records should problems with a guest or near the entrance ever occur. This includes an overall of vehicles entering the community as well as specialized cameras that capture license plates.

The Access Control systems give access only to residents for certain areas of the community. First, at the main entrance, residents are able to enter through the resident lane with a windshield credential that cannot be shared. Other credentials also give the residents access through the community’s pedestrian gates. This is expected to deter trespassing and allow management to determine who is authorized.

Residents living in this community have access to Envera’s website portal and app called MyEnvera. This allows residents to register their own guests, and look at their visitor history. They have the options of registering visitors as permanent or temporary, or they can deny entry to certain guests as well.

The Results:

Since installing Envera Systems’ Virtual Gate Guard system in 2016, this community has been provided with consistent monitoring at the main entrance. Envera has also helped recoup damage costs for the community on multiple occasions. When the main gates at the entrance got hit twice, Envera provided video for the community to submit to law enforcement. The community was able to identify the people who damaged the gates both times, and the repair costs were paid completely by the offenders.

“This solution is fantastic! It’s everything we were looking for as an alternative to other unreliable, traditional methods.“ – Nate D., Property Manager

There have also been two instances of on-site theft or vandalism. Each time, Envera has sorted through video and provided it to the community. In both cases, the community was able to identify the trespassers and receive the damage costs.

The property manager, Nate D., says “The solution is fantastic!” The community wanted an alternative to traditional guard methods that would be even more reliable, and Nate says this system “is everything we were looking for.” Nate also says that his interaction with the Envera team has been “great!” He knows that the consultants in the Jacksonville area will always respond to any concerns or questions, and any issues will be resolved quickly. As the community continues its soft-open, Nate expects more incoming residents to be pleased.

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