Simple Visitor List Management for Residents
Expedite Entry for Permitted Guests
Update Household and Profile Information
Receive Notifications about Visitor Activity
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MyEnvera is a web portal and smartphone app for residents of Envera-secured communities.
Add Permanent Guests
Schedule Temporary and One-Time Visitors
Updates Instantly Sync with an Envera Gate System
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When residents update information in MyEnvera, it instantly syncs with the Virtual Gate Guard or Guard Module Software system. This means the most current visitor lists and profiles are available for virtual guards or on-site attendants to see. Visitors who are registered in MyEnvera easily enter the community, or a guard will use the contact information listed in MyEnvera to call the necessary resident when an unregistered visitor or vendor is at the gate.

For residents who do not have the technology to use the web portal or app, our Customer Service team, located at our Central Monitoring Operations Center, assists residents with updating visitor lists and answering their questions.