Testimonial: Gina T., Resident in Miramar, FL


Below is a testimonial from Gina T., Resident in Miramar, FL with an Envera gate system

I am a property owner in one of your gated communities, and just had to let you know that I had a wonderful experience when I called your customer service dept.  I was quite ignorant as to how the gate system worked and called to find out if I could get some guidance.  I got Denise on the phone and she was very efficient and patient with me and all my questions.

I had to call again, and this time I spoke with Tommie – she was exceptional! Not only did she answer my other question, she helped me with the MyEnvera app.  She explained how to put in a username and my password and while on the phone, she walked me through the app to add my potential visitors.  I was so impressed at her professionalism and thoughtfulness and her patience to guide me.

Denise and Tommie are truly commendable customer service representatives.  I hope you will pass this on to their supervisors because they need to know how great these ladies are!

And tell them “thank you” again!

These are the success stories Envera Systems can produce for your community with a secure gate system tailored to your community’s needs. Envera’s security solutions include the Virtual Gate GuardActive Video SurveillanceAccess Control, and more.

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