Testimonial: Preston C., Resident in Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Below is a testimonial from Preston S., a resident of an Envera-secured community in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Writing to let you know of the very positive experience and outcome we had working with Francis C. to identify and resolve an issue of not receiving text message notifications from Envera informing us of visitors. Francis delivered an exceptional level of customer care and service and worked with us diagnosing, trouble shooting and testing to determine the cause of the problem. Her positive attitude and caring personality was reassuring that the problem will get solved, and it was. It was determined that the problem was with iPhone settings and not any Envera IT glitch. Based on the work with Francis, we contacted our cellular carrier who further diagnosed the issue and resolved the problem. While we were working with the Cellular Tech into the evening, Francis, continued to be available and continued to send text messages until we were able to confirm that messages were being sent and received on both ends. Francis went above and beyond and truly deserves recognition for her great work.

These are the success stories Envera Systems can produce for your community with a secure system tailored to your community’s needs. Envera’s security solutions include the Virtual Gate Guard and Access Control.

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