Guard Module Software With MyEnvera Support

A Consolidated Community Database Using Envera’s Security Guard Software

Increase community security and decrease costs at a gated entrance with Guard Module Software with MyEnvera Support. For community’s that maintain an onsite gate guard, Envera can create a hybrid system, allowing the gate guard to split shifts with Envera’s Virtual Guards.

Envera’s Next Generation security guard software includes a centralized MyEnvera visitor database and quick visitor search capabilities that an onsite guard from your preferred company can use while working at the gate. When the security guard’s working shift is over and logged off of the software, Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard begins visitor verification from our industry-leading Central Station.

Envera and the onsite guard security services use the MyEnvera database to verify permitted visitors at the community entrance. MyEnvera is a web portal and smartphone app where residents register guests allowed and not allowed into the community. A consolidated database allows for more efficient processing of visitors at the entrance.

Envera offers training for all onsite security guards that use the Next Generation security guard software at a community entrance.

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