Guard Module Software

Simple Visitor Verification for On-Site Guards
Expedited Entry for Permitted Visitors
Easy Visitor Management for Residents
Cost-Efficient for Communities
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A Visitor Verification Software Designed for Communities
Simple and Fast Database Searching
Guard and Gate Metrics
Video and Audio Recording
Consolidated Gate System
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Increase community security at a gated entrance while saving money with Envera’s Guard Module Software solution. For communities that maintain an on-site gate guard, Envera creates a hybrid system. This combines the on-site guard with advanced technology. In most cases, the gate guard and Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard will split shifts for cost-effective monitoring at the entrance.

Envera’s guard software includes a centralized MyEnvera visitor database and quick visitor search capabilities that an on-site guard, from the community’s preferred company, uses while working at the gate. When the security guard’s shift is over, Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard begins visitor verification using licensed virtual guards at our industry-leading Central Monitoring Operations Center.

Residents easily manage their own list of approved visitors and vendors with MyEnvera. MyEnvera is a web portal and app that is included with the Guard Module Software. It allows residents to easily add permanent, temporary, and one-time guests. Any updates a resident makes to their visitor list or profile instantly sync for the on-site guard and virtual guards to see.

With simple visitor management for residents and an advanced gate system, stacking and wait times are reduced at the entrance while keeping record of each visitor arriving at the community. Envera offers training for on-site gate attendants utilizing the software to ensure they are aware of its functions and properly verifying visitors at a gate.