Virtual Gate Guard With Automatic Driver’s License Recognition

Virtual Gate Security System with Automatic Driver’s License Recognition

The Virtual Gate Guard with Automatic Driver’s License Recognition expedites entry transactions and easily verifies repeat visitors for an enhanced gate security system.

The Kiosk is equipped with an easy-to-use ATM-style reader that guests use to insert their state-issued identification. An image of the driver’s face and name is captured and cross-referenced with the database of approved community visitors using Optical Character Recognition. If the guest has been to the community before and is recognized as a permanent visitor, the gate will automatically open.

Residents use the web portal and/or smartphone app, MyEnvera, to register permanent, temporary, and one-time guests allowed into the community. When a guest is registered as permanent, the driver’s name is recognized and automatically verified after briefly inserting identification into the Kiosk. This gate security system reduces stacking and wait times at entrance gates, while keeping record of each visitor arriving at the community.

When someone is not automatically recognized at the Kiosk, a licensed Virtual Guard will greet the guest. The guard will manually verify the driver by asking for a name and the resident they are going to visit. The guard will then call the resident to verify whether or not the guest is allowed into the community.

Automatic Driver’s License Recognition can also work in conjunction with the Guard Module Software with MyEnvera Support. This gate security system allows communities to utilize the auto-verify technology while maintaining the security and records captured with the Virtual Gate Guard Kiosk.

The Automatic Driver’s License Recognition Kiosk is a safe method of verification for users. Swiping of personal information does not take place with this system. Instead, high-resolution digital cameras capture an image of the front of the driver’s license. The magnetic strip on the back of the card is never swiped, meaning confidential information in the strip is not obtained, and the community avoids legal issues. For more information on this practice, read this article about driver’s license scanning.

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