These Community Security Guard Alternatives Can Increase Security While Decreasing Cost

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Though security guards have been a staple in community security, they haven’t been without their share of issues. From sleeping on the job and harassing visitors, to the costs of employing and managing a roster of personnel, the shortcomings of traditional manned security have created the need for a more effective and cost-efficient community security guard alternative.

The Envera Virtual Gate Guard and Active Video Surveillance can secure community entrances and patrol community common areas at less cost and with better results than traditional security guards.

How are they better than traditional community security guards?

With traditional guards, you have to either hire many of them to protect multiple entrances and common areas, or you have to leave some areas unprotected.

With Virtual Gate Guard and Active Video Surveillance systems, our trained and licensed remotely located guards utilize digital cameras, recorders, and two-way audio to monitor entrances, pools, parks, clubhouses, gyms and other common areas, thus allowing one guard to monitor the entire community.

When a guest arrives at the gate, the guard will use one-way video and two-way audio to great them and compare their ID to the approved visitor list. If on the list, the guard will let the guest in. If not, the guard will contact the resident and grant or deny access as necessary.

If the high-resolution cameras detect a trespasser in a community area, the guard will voice down to them through loudspeakers demanding they leave. If the intruder refuses, the local authorities are contacted to remove the culprit.

Whether the Virtual Gate Guard or Active Video Surveillance, every second is recorded, archived, and able to be retrieved and submitted to property management or law enforcement as needed.

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