Testimonial: Shooters Identified in Margate, FL


Below is a testimonial from Detective Paul Christman, Criminal Investigation Unit – Margate, FL.  With Envera’s assistance, shooting suspects in an Envera protected community and their vehicles where identified.

On April 11th, 2016 at approximately 1730 hours (5:30pm) the Margate Police received multiple 911 calls reporting a shooting in the area of the 6300 block of Buena Vista Drive.  When officers arrived they found one victim with multiple gunshot wounds.  Officers were provided with descriptions of two vehicles that left the scene immediately after the shooting.  When I arrived on scene I immediately contacted Envera Systems and spoke to the technicians in the video section.  They immediately began reviewing video from all three of the gates.

Unfortunately any descriptions were not very accurate and we were unable to find those vehicles at that time.  The following day I was provided all the gate videos for the time frame of the shooting.  We also were able to get a better description of the vehicle from the neighbor’s home security system.

After reviewing the gate video I was able to locate both of the suspected vehicles and the suspects were identified.  With the gate videos I was able to positively identify the vehicle tag numbers entering the community prior to the incident and exiting immediately after the incident.

I would like to thank everybody at Envera Systems for all the assistance that was provided to the Margate Police Department.  Your technicians immediately began searching for vehicle within an hour of the incident and provided us copies of all the video within 24 hours of the original incident.  This information led to identifying our suspects and their vehicles.

 These are the success stories Envera Systems can produce through the use of their Active Video System.

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