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Unlocking the Partnership between Property Managers & Security Providers

This article was originally published in the FLCAJ May 2024 issue.  Property management for community associations is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe, organized, and thriving neighborhood. Given that many associations consist of various residential properties or units, shared spaces, and amenities, diligent oversight is necessary to ensure everything is well maintained and secure. […]

Envera Systems Names Dax Brady-Sheehan as Chief Executive Officer

Highly experienced growth executive to lead Envera’s continued expansion TAMPA, Fla – May 21, 2024 –  Envera Systems (“Envera” or the “Company”), a leading provider of automated and software-enabled security solutions, announced today the appointment of Dax Brady-Sheehan as President and Chief Executive Officer. Brady-Sheehan succeeds Envera Founder Addi Aloya.  Based in Florida, Envera recently […]

The Security Questions Your Community Should Be Asking

This article was originally published in the FLCAJ January 2024 issue.  At least once every year, the board of directors should take the time to reevaluate their community’s vision and goals. This includes addressing the security of the association and whether or not improvements or updates are needed. So where do you even begin? There are […]

2024 FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Award – Diamond Recipient in Safety & Security

Envera Systems – 10th RCA Award Diamond Level Winner – Safety & Security (Winner 2024 and nine previous RCA wins) Envera Systems is a dynamic security company that offers a wide range of technology-based solutions and services to communities, property managers, and residential developers. Envera’s goal is to provide cost-efficient and effective security solutions that […]

Testimonial: John H., Developer in Roanoke, TX

Active Video Surveillance

Below is a testimonial from John H., a developer in Roanoke, Texas who has installed Envera’s security solutions for communities.  Envera has some of the latest and greatest technology. When you are looking to set your community apart with amenities, Envera has some wonderful options. John H. Envera strives to provide communities with cost-efficient and […]

Important Guest List and Contact Updates – FLCAJ October 2023

Welcome back, snowbirds! Whether you’re returning to a second home or want to utilize this last quarter of the year to reassess your property, there are a couple of easy items to add to your list to ensure the safety and security at your home and community First, it’s important to regularly check your guest […]

Exploring Access Control Technology

Access Control

A Webinar Discussion on Access Control Solutions with Property Managers Envera was invited by Castle Group to provide detailed information on Access Control systems in communities.  What is access control? Why is it important for communities? How is the technology and software deployed and utilized?  Plus, the various types of access control, how developments in […]

Simplifying Amenity Security with Advanced Technology – FLCAJ March 2023

The term ‘CSI effect’ has been around since the early 2000s. You’ve probably seen it referenced most by law enforcement or in legal capacities when referring to whether or not televisions shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or Law & Order influence the public’s perception of forensic science. There are numerous articles and summaries out […]

Testimonial: John P., Board President in Coconut Creek, FL


Below is a testimonial from John P., the Board President of an Envera-secured community in Coconut Creek, Florida.  As President of my community and on behalf of my community, I just wanted to say how it’s a pleasure working with Envera and the Envera team that makes it all happen. Want eyes on your property […]

Quick Tips to Evaluate Home and Community Security – FLCAJ October 2022

The last quarter of the year is a great time to check on your home and community security. Whether you’re returning to the Sunshine State after time away, or you’re a property manager preparing for the last few months of the year, start with these quick tips to evaluate a property.   Does it seem a […]