Important Guest List and Contact Updates – FLCAJ October 2023

Welcome back, snowbirds! Whether you’re returning to a second home or want to utilize this last quarter of the year to reassess your property, there are a couple of easy items to add to your list to ensure the safety and security at your home and community

First, it’s important to regularly check your guest list, especially ifMyEnvera User you’ve been away. If your community employs any type of visitor management system, it’s time to re-evaluate who is listed as approved guests or companies on your personal list and make the necessary changes. This prevents unauthorized access to the community or building. 

Similarly, you should review your household’s contact information. Whether it’s a gate access system or concierge service, you should confirm that the contact information for you and your household is correct. This is generally how you’re notified of visitors or other information pertinent to your property and/or community. 


The mini-article above was included in the “Snowbirds” section of the October 2023 issue of the Florida Community Association Journal. Click here to view the magazine.