Severe Storm Gate Security Procedures

The safety and security of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance when severe weather is expected to impact an area.


1: Please check communication (emails) from Envera regarding when gates will be locked open remotely.

When the threat of a hurricane or severe storm is imminent, it is Envera’s recommendation that all gates be locked open to allow unencumbered ingress and egress to the community. This enhances public safety for both emergency service vehicles and residents. It is still important for community’s to check gates and take additional actions as needed to ensure they are all open. There are some communities that we may not have remote access to open all community gates.

2: Secure barrier gates and metal (swing or slide) gates based on the recommendations from manufacturers. Please note, only trained staff should adjust and/or secure barrier arms.

• If possible, swing gates should be secured at the end of the gate frame, opposite the hinges.
Slide gates should be opened and powered down.
Barrier gates should be secured properly based on the two types of arm systems:
High-Speed Barrier Gates should be disengaged from their cradles, keeping the wire attached. Then secure the arms by any means necessary. For example:
• Secure the arms to the fencing after the gates are opened, breakers are turned off, and secure.
• Secure the arms to stakes in the ground if metal gates are not present or are too far away.
• Standard Barrier Gates can be removed completely and stored in a secure location. If equipped with LED lighting, disconnect the LED wire before removal.

Barrier Arm-connected-to-gate
Barrier Arm-connected-to-gate-2
Barrier Arm-connected-to-stake
Barrier Arm-connected-to-stake-2

3: If a system is locked open, it is advisable to turn off breakers supplying power to all equipment.

Common Questions:

Please email accountservices@enverasystems.com stating your gate schedule specifications. You can also request a gate schedule change through our Service webpage.

It is likely that impacted field technicians will delayed in responding to service calls during severe weather and for period of time after a storm, depending on the severity. We will keep our customers updated on field operations as we assess areas that are safe for response.

When severe storm warnings are discontinued, Envera begins to assess community entrances and close gates where it is safe to do so. This process can take several hours before all entrances are assessed and a normal schedule is resumed. Don’t forget to reassemble barrier arms if they have been removed or tied down, and turn the breakers on.

Additional Information:

Please continue to check email communications from Envera regarding severe storms. These are fluid situations, and our team continuously monitors for changes in a forecast. Additionally, if further impacts to our services are expected, Envera will notify customers as needed.