Barrier Arms

Gate Systems to Prevent Unwanted Guests From Entering and Deter Tailgating

One of the most common concerns that communities face is tailgating at gated entrances. Tailgating occurs when a vehicle closely follows another vehicle into the community to avoid stopping for verification at gate systems.

Slide and swing gates work efficiently to deter pedestrian trespassers. However, they are often not quick enough to prevent tailgaters. With High-Speed Barrier Arms, Envera Systems helps communities reduce tailgating with faster open and close times. Some arms can open or close in less than one second.

This innovative technology is not only more efficient in reducing tailgating. It also looks better, with finer quality, and is easier to repair. Many old barrier arms required service if the gate was hit. High-Speed Barrier Arms have breakaway technology that allows them to swing open or up when hit. Then these gate systems are easily reset without permanent damage.

In addition, High-Speed Barrier Arms can now have LED-lighting. This means the arm is red when closed, and then it turns green when it opens. With illuminated High-Speed Barrier Arms, communities have gate systems that look and function superiorly.

In the event that a barrier arm is hit by a tailgater, Envera’s High-Speed Barrier Arms include gate strike sensors. When an arm is hit with a gate strike sensor attached, a Virtual Guard at Envera’s Central Station is immediately notified that the arm was struck. Then, our Virtual Guards can quickly notify the community and access the video to help recoup damage costs. When used in conjunction with Virtual Gate systems, Envera can retrieve the license plate of the vehicle that hit the barrier arm to provide vehicle owner information to the community.

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