Increase Savings and Security with a Hybrid Virtual Gate Guard and Onsite Security Guard System

Generally, onsite security staff is the most expensive day-to-day cost of protecting a community. To make matters worse, less gate activity during the night leaves guards with little to do, therefore wasting your money while they wait, or even worse, while they sleep. Another downside of traditional guards, particularly on night shifts, is that they may not show up, leaving your community vulnerable with no one to secure it.

A hybrid security system can remedy all of these issues. By combining the presence of an onsite security guard with the advanced technology of an Envera virtual gate guard, you can increase cost-efficiencies, security effectiveness, and reliability.

What is a Virtual Gate Guard?

The Envera virtual gate guard employs the patented Envera Kiosk System™ to process guests and survey gate areas. The system utilizes high-resolution analytics-equipped cameras, microphones, and recorders to transmit real-time video and audio feed to licensed guards at our industry leading central station.

When a visitor arrives at the gate, our remotely located licensed guards greet the guest. The guard then cross-references the guest’s information with the authorized visitor list. If the visitor isn’t on the list, the guard contacts the resident or administrator and grants or denies access as necessary. Each visitor is logged into the computer system using active video and audio verification. The video and audio is securely archived and can be retrieved when needed.

How does a Hybrid System Work?

With a hybrid system tailored to your needs and budget, you can find the right balance of traditional guards and virtual gate guards for your community. If you have multiple gates, you can use a traditional security guard at the main entrance, and a 24/7 virtual gate guard at the other gates. Another option is to use a traditional guard during the day, and the virtual gate guard at night.

By using a virtual gate guard for eight to 16 hours at night, or by converting one or more of your gates to a full-time virtual gate guard, your community can save vast amounts of money while improving security.

Now’s the time to increase your savings and security by supplementing your security guards with a virtual gate guard system. Contact us today for your free security consultation.