Disaster Preparedness and Community Security – FLCAJ June 2022

When Access Management Operations Should Not Be Normal

It’s not what some communities like to hear, but gates and barrier arms at an entrance should not be operating as normal when a tropical storm or hurricane is approaching. Easy ingress and egress is far more important for residents and emergency personnel than complete access management. Although a gate system should be programmed to open automatically in the event of a power failure, you can take extra precautions ahead of this by opening gates, securing them, and turning off breakers. This protects the equipment, prevents pieces from becoming projectiles in high winds, and assists with evacuations when applicable.

Communicate with community members and staff prior to each storm season. Keeping residents and staff informed of the association’s preparedness and plans will ease concerns when a severe storm threat is present and ensure efficiency. This includes knowing how or who will secure an entrance, amenity, or other location.

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