HOA in Boynton Beach | Our Client’s Story

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Community Snapshot Boynton Beach, FL • 195 Homes This private community was using a standard telephone entry system, or call box, that ran off of an analog phone line for guests. However, this system often caused traffic delays and long entrance waits as guests looked for the right number to call. The residents used a […]

Condos in Clearwater | Our Client’s Story

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Community Snapshot Clearwater, FL • 190 units (95 per building) • Two buildings The two condominium buildings used a security guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The residents wanted to reduce the gate security costs while improving the overall community security, but they differed on approaches. A joint Gate Security Task Force, […]

The Vineyards | An Envera Client Story

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Community Snapshot An Envera Client Controlling Entry & Maintaining Gate Security in a Community Gated communities are often tasked with creating the first line of defense in protecting assets within a community. There are a handful of gate security options for controlling entry, which can include live guards, telephone entry boxes, virtual guards, or a […]