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Community Snapshot

Boynton Beach, FL • 195 Homes

This private community was using a standard telephone entry system, or call box, that ran off of an analog phone line for guests. However, this system often caused traffic delays and long entrance waits as guests looked for the right number to call. The residents used a card reader system that allowed them to hand out swipe cards to vendors, family members, and frequent visitors.

The situation got worse when the call box for the telephone entry system was struck by lightning. It started having issues uploading files. Often times, the property manager and board members would have to go to the community gatehouse to make changes as the remote access to the call box system would not work. Frequently, it would take several hours to add one resident, or change the one phone number that each resident was allowed.

Solutions Explored:

• Install an updated Telephone Entry Call Box – However, even modern call boxes are antiquated. The community was looking for a system that would allow residents to make changes as needed, and provide a better guest entry system.

• Hire an onsite guard – This option was discussed, but found it was cost prohibitive.

Envera Systems Virtual Guard Technology – The residents thought this complete system could solve several problems for the community. It offered a Virtual Gate Guard for the guest entry lane, as well as replacements for other cameras to make the community more secure.

Community Decision:

The association had Envera Systems install these solutions for the community:

Virtual Gate Guard System

• Automatic License Plate Recognition upgrade

MyEnvera Resident Portal for Registering Guests

Active Video Surveillance at the pool

The Virtual Gate Guard with Automatic License Plate Recognition was installed at the front gate to identify each vehicle as it tries to enter the community. When a guest first arrives, a Virtual Gate Guard is expected to greet them and record their vehicle information. The next time the visitor arrives, if he or she is a permanent guest, the gate will automatically open for their vehicle. This is expected to expedite visitor transactions. This system keeps record of every visitor transaction, and it gives the community the resources to look up specific vehicles and time periods should a problem ever arise.

Residents living in community have access to Envera’s website portal and app called MyEnvera. This allows residents to register their own guests, and look at their visitor history. They have the options of registering visitors as permanent or temporary, or they can deny entry to certain guests as well. MyEnvera also gives residents quick access to important community contacts.

Active Video Surveillance was installed at the community pool to monitor the area after hours. This system includes one-way video, two-way audio, and video analytics to alert the Virtual Guards when someone trespasses. The Virtual Guard is expected to communicate with the trespassers, ask them to leave, and contact authorities or property officials if necessary.

The Results:

Since installing Envera Systems’ Virtual Gate Guard system in 2013, the community and Envera have provided a consistent gate control system that is friendly for all users. Bob F., a current resident who previously served as the board president, says“Guests are greeted by a guard instead of having to sit there and scroll through a list of 200 names to find the one they are looking for.” Since upgrading to the Automatic License Plate Recognition, delays at the entrance have decreased even more, and Bob says everyone is happy with the feature.

“Guests are greeted by a guard instead of having to sit there and scroll through a list of 200 names to find the one they are looking for.” -Bob F., previous Board President

Envera Systems has played an important role in recouping damage costs for the community. In several cases, Envera has pulled video with vehicle information to identify the people responsible for gate damage, as well as two stolen cars so that the community could prosecute the thieves. Envera’s cameras also played a pivotal part in the arrest of a burglar who caused several thousands of dollars in property damage to the community. That burglar is currently sitting in prison.

Bob says that Active Video Surveillance “let us know what we didn’t know.” The community understood they had a problem with trespassers at their pool, but Active Video Surveillance showed that the problem was much worse than originally thought. Since installing this system, the community rarely has trespassers at the pool now. That’s after Virtual Guards voiced down to people asking them to leave after hours.

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