Women Making a Difference – Envera Spotlight FLCAJ 2023

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Women Making a Difference FLCAJ November 2023 – Heather Lyons, Security Consultant Heather Lyons has contributed to multiple departments in her time at Envera, which provides virtual gate guards, active and passive video surveillance, and access control. From onboarding to account management and now sales. “This has allowed me to learn our products and processes […]

Testimonial: Krystal S., Property Manager in St Cloud, FL

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  Below is a testimonial from Krystal S., the Property Manager at an Envera-secured community in St Cloud, Florida.  Envera responds to video requests very quickly. The sales department is also very detailed and gives you the best prices possible to keep your communities as safe and secure as possible. Krystal S. Envera strives to […]

Important Guest List and Contact Updates – FLCAJ October 2023

Welcome back, snowbirds! Whether you’re returning to a second home or want to utilize this last quarter of the year to reassess your property, there are a couple of easy items to add to your list to ensure the safety and security at your home and community First, it’s important to regularly check your guest […]

Why Aren’t We Talking More about Surge Protection? – FLCAJ August 2023

Storm Season, Savings, and Skipped Conversations This is Florida, and during the state’s storm season–especially the months June, July, August, and September–we talk a lot about lightning. Florida is often referred to as the “lightning capital,” and even the Tampa Bay Lightning team name originated from the city’s status, “Lightning Capital of North America,” according […]

Exploring Access Control Technology

Access Control

A Webinar Discussion on Access Control Solutions with Property Managers Envera was invited by Castle Group to provide detailed information on Access Control systems in communities.  What is access control? Why is it important for communities? How is the technology and software deployed and utilized?  Plus, the various types of access control, how developments in […]

Transforming the Safety and Security Industry – FLCAJ June 2023

Layering AI Video Analytics with Existing Camera Systems Call it happenstance, call it coincidence, or perhaps, it’s also passion and personal experience that put one of today’s artificial intelligence leaders on a path to revolutionize the safety and security industry or at least transform physical security the way we know it. Artificial intelligence (AI) video […]

Simplifying Amenity Security with Advanced Technology – FLCAJ March 2023

The term ‘CSI effect’ has been around since the early 2000s. You’ve probably seen it referenced most by law enforcement or in legal capacities when referring to whether or not televisions shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or Law & Order influence the public’s perception of forensic science. There are numerous articles and summaries out […]

2023 FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Diamond Award Winner

Envera Systems Diamond Level Winner – Safety & Security (Winner 2023 and eight previous RCA wins) Envera Systems is a full-service security company, focused on technology-based solutions and services that efficiently secure and add value to communities and residential developments. Envera’s mission is to partner with associations to develop an effective design of security solutions […]

Strategic Planning in the New Year

Outlining a Community’s Vision and How to make it Happen How can a community improve this year? How does the industry continue to get better? These are just two questions that industry professionals, board members, and residents may be considering at the start of the new year. The answers are not quick and simple, but […]