Disaster Preparedness and Community Security – FLCAJ June 2022

When Access Management Operations Should Not Be Normal It’s not what some communities like to hear, but gates and barrier arms at an entrance should not be operating as normal when a tropical storm or hurricane is approaching. Easy ingress and egress is far more important for residents and emergency personnel than complete access management. […]

Envera Systems Simplifies Network Management with GTT Broadband and EtherVision Portal

GTT solution enables Envera Systems to consolidate providers across 156 sites, improving network efficiency and resiliency.  GTT Communications, Inc., a leading global cloud networking provider to multinational clients, has announced that Envera Systems, a leader in technology-based community security solutions, has deployed GTT Broadband for 156 sites, supporting its business that provides technology-driven security services for residential communities […]

A Metaphor for Communities, Management, and Vendors – FLCAJ May 2022

Have you ever heard the metaphor of the American quilt? Sometimes this refers to the many cultures that make up the country. Other times, it’s a reference to the physical land variations that even look like a true quilt from the view of a plane. A former property manager recently explained communities to me in […]

2022 FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Diamond Level Winner

FLCAJ 8 Year Award Winner

We are proud to announce that the Florida Community Association Journal Readers’ Choice Awards recognize Envera Systems as a Diamond Winner for Safety and Security in 2022. Thank you to all of our customers, business partners, and the readers who voted. Envera is honored to receive our eighth award and maintain the Diamond status again […]

Maintaining Your Current Security System and When to Upgrade

Simple Fixes, Scenarios that will Knock Everything Out, and Looking Ahead Almost all community security methods today are mostly technology-based. Software, cameras, access readers, gate systems, physical gates, and more. Just like the technology you use every day (i.e., phone, computer, and TV), these systems and/or equipment need proper maintenance, updates, and eventual upgrades. Some […]

Thank You, Board Members – New to the Board? Connect with Your Service Providers

Thank You for Your Service, Board Members! – FLCAJ February 2022 New to the Board? Connect with Your Service Providers Don’t forget to tell your community’s service providers if you are new to the board or have new members. Many vendors don’t automatically know if there are new board members, and providing updated names and […]

Townhomes in St. Pete, FL | Our Client’s Story

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Community Snapshot St. Petersburg, FL • 136 Townhomes A gated community in St. Petersburg, Florida knew changes were needed for their access management method. Although on-site private security was employed to monitor the entrance and parking in the neighborhood, “It just seemed like there was always some kind of issue,” says the Robin R., Board […]

From Law Enforcement to Property Management – FLCAJ November 2021

Defining Community Security Through Two Careers When it comes to community security, one might think the most challenging part is learning a system, managing a database, or finding the right service provider. It’s not that those things are always easy, but perhaps the biggest obstacle is describing what community security really is and providing the […]

Women Making a Difference – Envera Spotlight

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Women Making a Difference FLCAJ November 2021 – Kim Bittar, Account Manager Kim Bittar is a licensed CAM in Florida and worked as a manager for 15 years before joining Envera in account management. Given her experience, Bittar enjoys staying active in the industry, and in her current position she says, “I am able to […]