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Community Snapshot

St. Petersburg, FL • 136 Townhomes

A gated community in St. Petersburg, Florida knew changes were needed for their access management method. Although on-site private security was employed to monitor the entrance and parking in the neighborhood, “It just seemed like there was always some kind of issue,” says the Robin R., Board President.

“I remember coming through the gate, and the guard would be sleeping,” Robin explains. The on-site attendants also managed information on a notepad and would have to go through many papers to find specific information.
In addition to the issues was the expense. It was costly to employ on-site security, even when they were not there 24 hours. In fact, their hours were a bit sporadic and inconsistent.

When Robin travelled to Lakewood Ranch, Florida, she encountered a new type of system. To find out more, she connected with a local security consultant who visited the community and met with the board.

Solutions Explored

Envera Systems Virtual Security Solutions

Envera offered automated gate guard technology to verify visitors entering the community, record the video and audio of every transaction, and notify the community when the gate is hit. With updated access control for residents and high-speed barrier gates, the community’s access management systems would be consolidated with a single provider.

Community Decision

To include all components and services needed, the community had Envera Systems provide these solutions:


The Envera Systems Virtual Gate Guard with Driver’s License Technology was selected for efficient visitor verification 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This gate access system is equipped with an easy-to-use ATM-style reader for visitors and vendors to insert state-issued identification. Envera’s remote agents greet guests through the system to confirm where they are going and check a resident’s guest list.

Entry is expedited for authorized visitors through the driver’s license technology, as well. When a registered visitor arrives at the entrance, the system can recognize the driver’s ID and automatically open the gate. This also enhances the community’s ability to keep efficient record of visitor activity.

Residents living in the community have access to Envera’s website and app called MyEnvera. This allows residents to register their own guests and keep their account information updated. They have the options of registering visitors as permanent, temporary, or one time.

Video surveillance accompanies the Virtual Gate Guard, ensuring the community has the capability to access video and audio footage. This includes an overall of vehicles entering and exiting the community, as well as license plates. Part of Envera’s service includes retrieving video and vehicle owner information as needed for the community.

The Access Control system at the resident lane only gives access to residents for entry. Residents have a credential that cannot be shared and is recognized with an RFID reader This allows the association and Envera to manage who is authorized.

Finally, High-Speed LED Barrier Gates were added at the entrance. This helps deter tailgating and unauthorized access through the entrance. If a barrier gate is hit, a gate strike detection sensor is expected to alert Envera’s operating center.

The Results

Since partnering with Envera in 2020, Robin says there have been a “plethora of really positive things about Envera.” Robin hears from many residents about how easy it is to add people to their own guest list with MyEnvera. “People love it. It [also] lowered our bill substantially a year later, after paying for the installation.”

Those written notes are also gone, and digital records are helping the community in many ways. Tailgating, for instance, isn’t happening near as often. Robin can see that the new gate system is deterring that activity and more. Often times, drivers that do attempt to tailgate will actually hit a barrier arm. “We can keep track of who comes and who goes. If somebody hits that gate, we can identify them. It’s our policy that there is no tailgating, [so] it’s been a win-win.”

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