Thank You, Board Members – New to the Board? Connect with Your Service Providers

Thank You for Your Service, Board Members! – FLCAJ February 2022

New to the Board? Connect with Your Service Providers

Don’t forget to tell your community’s service providers if you are new to the board or have new members. Many vendors don’t automatically know if there are new board members, and providing updated names and contact information is helpful for a few reasons.

  1. Communication – Reports, information, and other updates need to go to the appropriate contacts which may change with new board members. Vendors can update their systems to ensure everyone receives what they need.
  2. Information – If certain processes are in place between your community and a provider, that vendor wants to keep you informed on how services work and if any changes are needed.
  3. Connection – Your vendors want to connect with you and you will want to know how to connect with them or the necessary teams. Plus, you might have questions or concerns that that need to be answered if this is a new role.


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