Testimonial: Gate Damage in Jupiter, FL


Below is a testimonial from Peggy G., Property Manager in Jupiter, FL, sharing experiences about community security and addressing gate damage at her property

Re: Envera I am a property manager in Jupiter, FL. We currently have a property we manage monitored by Envera. Their equipment is very high tech and user friendly.

While you may not have a visual person to speak to, all the people at the central station are very professional and courteous. In much less than the time it has taken me to type this e-mail Envera would have already recognized a person seeking entry into your community, checked their credentials and allowed entry or turned them away.

Envera has saved the association monies as the cameras have picked up persons prying gates open and damaging them. The photo evidence enabled the association to back charge the company causing damage.

Envera finds the incident on camera and sends it to you, saves hours reviewing tapes. Every license plate is recorded, you can check owners times they come in. You can program the system to shut down an entry at the time their lease expires.

I find Envera to be an excellent choice and so cost friendly. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences with you!

Peggy G.
Property Manager
Jupiter, FL

These are the success stories we hear frequently from HOAs and Property Managers about community security provided by Envera Systems. Envera focuses on securing communities with technology-based solutions including the Virtual Gate Guard, video surveillance systems, and Access Control.

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