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Swift Security Preparations & Recovery This Storm Season

Barrier Gates

This article was originally published in the FLCAJ June 2024 issue.  When Colorado State University issued its first outlook for the 2024 hurricane season, it was hard to miss the main takeaway—there’s an “above-average probability for major hurricanes” expected to make landfall along U.S. coasts and the Caribbean. Two primary factors contribute to this forecast: […]

Unlocking the Partnership between Property Managers & Security Providers

This article was originally published in the FLCAJ May 2024 issue.  Property management for community associations is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe, organized, and thriving neighborhood. Given that many associations consist of various residential properties or units, shared spaces, and amenities, diligent oversight is necessary to ensure everything is well maintained and secure. […]

Envera Systems Names Dax Brady-Sheehan as Chief Executive Officer

Highly experienced growth executive to lead Envera’s continued expansion TAMPA, Fla – May 21, 2024 –  Envera Systems (“Envera” or the “Company”), a leading provider of automated and software-enabled security solutions, announced today the appointment of Dax Brady-Sheehan as President and Chief Executive Officer. Brady-Sheehan succeeds Envera Founder Addi Aloya.  Based in Florida, Envera recently […]

FLCAJ 2024 Products & Services Showcase

Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard Solution for Gated Communities Expedite entry at a gated community with Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard. With quick and secure methods for verification, authorized guests have a smooth experience when arriving to see a resident. Video prompts on the Virtual Gate Guard screen assist drivers through the process, and trained virtual agents […]

Testimonial: John P., Board President in Coconut Creek, FL


Below is a testimonial from John P., the Board President of an Envera-secured community in Coconut Creek, Florida.  As President of my community and on behalf of my community, I just wanted to say how it’s a pleasure working with Envera and the Envera team that makes it all happen. Want eyes on your property […]

Common Ways to Save with Community Security – FLCAJ August 2022

It is sometimes thought there is a fine balance between saving money and having effective security systems at a community. Yes and no. It’s no secret that most security systems are an investment by an association. This investment is often made with the plan to save money in other areas by utilizing the equipment or […]