What is a Virtual Guard?

Virtual Guarding is one of the most advanced, technological methods for securing an area or property. A Virtual Guard is a real, licensed security guard that is located remotely. The guard then connects to the area being monitored through the Internet.

With this concept, communities have real-time communication and human intervention at a fraction of the cost of onsite guards. With a Virtual Guard, you can have preventative monitoring at amenities, visitor verification at gates, database management, and more.

Envera uses a pool of licensed Virtual Guards located at our industry-leading Central Station. This allows the guards to share responsibilities like checking cameras and hard drives, retrieving video of incidents, verifying visitors at gates, and responding to incidents at community amenities. All of these actions take place under constant supervision and with detailed reporting.

Virtual Guarding allows multiple areas in a community to be monitored at the same time. If an incident is taking place at the pool while a visitor needs to be verified at the gate, these events can be managed simultaneously.

A Virtual Guard can also work in conjunction with an onsite guard and law enforcement. If a community needs to keep an onsite attendant at the gate during peak hours, a Virtual Guard can verify guests once the onsite guard leaves for the day. When an incident occurs that requires the response from local law enforcement, a Virtual Guard will directly dispatch them accordingly.

With Envera’s Virtual technology, communities no longer have to worry about a guard calling in sick. Our Central Station is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Plus we provide our guards with ongoing training to better handle and understand the unique security needs of communities.

Envera is an all-inclusive security company. That means that we implement, install, service, and monitor all of our solutions. It’s the Envera Difference.

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