New Security system Unveiled: You Don’t See Guards, But They See You :: Sarasota, FL – October 2010

What you see in Pat Neal Communities’ Central Park development are five separate neighborhoods built around a grand park with a splash fountain, picnic pavilion, ball fields, dog walk, artistically painted benches, street lights, and tennis courts.

What you won’t see are security guards in manned sentry houses.

But they see you.

Pat Neal Communities has hired Sarasota-based Envera Systems (enverasystems.com) to install its proprietary, state-of-the-art electronic access-control and gate/amenity monitoring technology at its 372-acre, 780-home master-planned development in Lakewood Ranch.

Envera Systems is an integrated security company offering surveillance, access control, keyless entry, and analytic verification at gates and common areas using video, IP, and traditional monitoring from a remote central station manned 24 hours a day by certified security and alarm specialists.

According to Envera Systems’ Senior Vice President of Business Development, Tom Swain, the company’s technologies save up to half the costs of manned entry guards, while reducing verification times for visitors from minutes to seconds, and generating an immediate response to — and digital record of — all visitor transactions wherever its cameras are placed.

“We can do security better for gated communities while saving them a lot of money,” Swain said. “In this economy, communities are looking for ways to cut costs, and Envera Systems not only provides savings, but increases security at the same time.”

The merger of cost-saving technologies and enhanced security is a growing trend in Florida and elsewhere as a stressed housing market forces homeowner associations and condominium boards to seek ways to reduce members’ fees without diminishing their ability to control access and ensure residents’ safety and protection.

In this case, Neal Communities opted to install Envera Systems’ technologies “with the infrastructure (of the development) from the ground up,” Swain said. Central Park, the latest extension of the 12,000-acre, 6,500-home Lakewood Ranch master-planned community, broke ground in 2008 and received its first residents in July.
The community’s six gates will not have manned sentry posts, but rather will use Envera Systems’ virtual guard kiosks.

Envera provides security and surveillance services for numerous gated communities in Florida, including the 997-home Coral Bay in Broward County; the 1,100-home Stoneybrook of Sarasota; the 900-home Heritage Harbour in Bradenton; and the 1,000-home Countryside in Naples.

It also provides similar services for commercial developments, businesses, and single-family homes.

Envera Systems has offices in Boca Raton and Sarasota, FL.
Telephone (855) 936-8372