Gate Strike & Incident Video Retrieval Procedures

Envera employs gate strike detection for many customers with barrier gates

When a gate is hit or other incident occurs that impacts the arms, a signal alerts Envera’s Central Monitoring Operations Center.

Once the alert is reviewed by Envera’s team, designated community contacts receive an ‘Incident Report’ via email. This report includes a brief description of the incident, when it occurred, and the specific location (if applicable). Also included is a link for a community to initiate the next steps, if and as needed.

What does the community need to do?

Included in each ‘Incident Report’ is a link to Envera’s Service Webpage. Once you click the link, you will be able to select an ‘Inquiry Type’ based on your needs for that incident. Your selection will direct the request to the appropriate team for efficiency.

For video and vehicle owner information: Select ‘Video Retrieval’ as the ‘Inquiry Type.’ Please note, Envera does not automatically retrieve the footage/information unless a request is submitted.

For service: Select ‘Repair Service’ as the ‘Inquiry Type’ to open a standard work order with Envera.

For immediate dispatch: Please call our team at (941) 952-3719 and provide your ticket number to have a technician sent immediately to your community. Emergency rates will apply.