Florida Snowbirds – FLCAJ October 2020

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Re-Evaluate, Prepare, and Find Out What You’ve Missed

Whether you’re a full-time resident or returning to the Sunshine State (second home), it’s a good time to assess your home and community security with these tips:

  1. Start with the crime prevention through environmental design guidelines to evaluate your mechanical methods, human measures (if used), and natural elements that impact security. Don’t overlook the natural (landscaping, lighting, etc.) measures. These are often easiest to address but missed the most.
  2. The holidays are around the corner, and unfortunately that also brings an increase in burglaries. Is your property prepared with a home security system that alerts you or a security provider to suspicious behavior or a possible break-in?
  3. Has the method for verifying visitors changed at your community? This is a big change that occurs within an association. If you haven’t been around, you might need the details. Talk with your community to see what you need to do or know.

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