Electronic Help For Guards :: Land O’ Lakes, FL – April 2011

LAND O’ LAKES FL – A new system is adding electronic help for guards who keep an eye on a 755-home development called The Groves.

The Land O’ Lakes subdivision has new proprietary software by Envera Systems, which delivers high-tech security that catches vandals in their tracks and keeps strangers out.

“We provide manned guards with our software during the day and take over the night shift for them,” said Tom Swain, vice president of Envera Systems (enverasystems.com).

To do this, The Groves, like many other communities protected by Envera, has a series of live cameras watching the front gate, pool area, and clubhouse.

When the guards go home, Envera’s licensed operators at a central station in Sarasota, FL, take over. They greet guests and residents at the front gate, via a PA system, and verify the visitor before granting or denying access.

The system archives video images of the driver’s face and tag in a secured database, along with details of how long their stay was and when it took place.

“Other regular guards just write down visits on a clipboard and at the end of the day it gets thrown away or tossed in a bin and it’s gone,” Swain said. “We keep a large amount of archives that can be pulled up at any time.”

Residents can use Envera Systems’ Web site to list regular visitors or add temporary ones. A  phone call can also let someone in, such as a food delivery person.

At the central station, Envera’s guards tour the amenities of their communities on a regular basis throughout the day. When the night shift kicks in, sensors go on. If intruders are present at the pool area or clubhouse, the electronic guards are instantly alerted.

“We can identify the person by what they’re wearing because we can see them on our live cameras,” Swain said. “This leaves little doubt they’re being watched and usually take off.” “We help cut down on police time,” he added.

Envera Systems has offices in Boca Raton and Sarasota, FL.
Telephone (855) 936-8372