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Community Snapshot

Sarasota, FL • 1,132 homes

This country club is a busy, gated community in Sarasota, FL. With a golf course, neighborhood swimming pool, large clubhouse, and other amenities, it’s important for the community to keep record of the visitors coming and going each day.

Live guards were the first gate security method that the community used. The guards worked at the gates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the community faced numerous issues including incomplete documentation of the visitors. When a visitor arrived at the gate, the guard was supposed to log the license plate number and where the visitor was going. However, many times there was incorrect or missing information from the records. In addition to that, there was miscommunication with the guard, and it was a costly arrangement. This led the community to explore system enhancements or new gate security solutions.

Solutions Explored:

• Add new security cameras in addition to the live guards – This option would have helped capture some of the missing information for record keeping of visitors. However, the onsite guards were still a costly expense for the entire community.

Envera Systems Virtual Guard Technology – Envera Systems could install the cameras with the live guard, or a Virtual Gate Guard was offered as a gate security replacement for the live guard to monitor the guest entry lane. This system could verify each visitor entering the community, capture the license plate on each vehicle entering and exiting, and store all of the transactions for recall if needed.

Community Decision:

The community decided to have Envera Systems install these solutions:

• Virtual Gate Guard System

• MyEnvera Resident Portal for Registering Guests

• Access Control at the pool

• Light control at the tennis court

The Virtual Gate Guard system was installed at the gate to identify each vehicle as it tries to enter the community. When a visitor arrives, a virtual gate guard is expected to greet them while recording their vehicle information. The guard cross references the guests name with approved visitors, and then opens the gate if the visitor is verified. If the guest is not on the list, the guard will call the resident that he or she would like to visit to confirm that the visitor is allowed to enter. This system keeps records of the video and audio of every visitor transaction, and it gives the community the resources to look up specific vehicles and time periods should a problem ever arise.

Residents have access to Envera’s website portal and app called MyEnvera. This allows residents to register their own guests, and look at their visitor history. They have the options of registering visitors as permanent or temporary, or they can deny entry to certain guests as well. This also expedites transactions at the gate by having guests pre-verified. MyEnvera also gives residents quick access to important community contacts.

Access Control was installed at the community pool to deter trespassing by only allowing entry from users with the proper credentials. This system allows the community to control who is allowed into the amenity area, as well as have access to view who enters the pool area and at what time. Property officials can easily add new, verified users or discontinue a credential if a person is no longer allowed in the pool. Envera Systems is expected to help manage the database.

Light Control was installed at the community tennis courts in 2014. This was added to consolidate the systems and controls at the community, as well as provide consistent timing of lighting on the courts.

The Results:

Envera Systems was chosen in late 2008 because of the system innovation, cost-effectiveness, and the community did not find any gate security options that were comparable. Since then, the community has been able to provide the residents and visitors a consistent gate control system that is friendly for all users. It has provided much better surveillance, and the community has the ability to research gate issues by having Envera assist with video pulls and reviews. That has helped the community solve a couple of crimes. Once when someone was impersonating a homeowner, and another instance of stealing golf clubs from the community’s Pro Shop.

Janet P., Executive Administrator, says the overall experience with Envera Systems has been very positive. “Their commitment has kept our belief that we have a solid partner who will continue to evolve as needed.”

Janet P., the current Executive Administrator, says the overall experience with Envera Systems has been very positive. “I am pleased with our service and the relationship that we have had since 2009.” As a long-standing customer, this community has been with Envera through adaptations and upgrades. Janet explains, “I feel at times we have had our growing pains, but it has always been reassuring to see that Envera continually keeps a pulse on what communities are experiencing. Their commitment has kept our belief that we have a solid partner who will continue to evolve as needed.”

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