A Warm Welcome to the Board – FLCAJ February 2021

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Review Security Protocols and Communicate the Process in Place


Whether you are returning to a board or you’re a new member this year, it’s important to know and understand your association’s security protocols. With any method or system, there are associated “rules” or processes. It is good practice to review these at least once a year to update new members and ensure that the entire board agrees.

If changes need to be made to your community’s security processes, do not forget to communicate this to your provider. In most scenarios, a vendor is expected to enforce the rules of the association, requiring further direction from those board members.

It is also beneficial to update the residents, or provide an annual reminder, of the security measures and rules. This transparency and communication helps prevent confusion and assists with smooth verification at gates, compliance of an amenity’s hours, and observing other protocols that the board has issued for everyone’s safety.

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