Testimonial: Resident – Talavera

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Below is a testimonial from Leslie Bernal, Resident, Talavera  

Unfortunately, I had to call Envera this evening and speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to a gentleman named Eric. I wanted to make sure that you, at Envera, appreciate the skilled and professional supervisor (Eric), your employee. I could not have asked for a more competent representative to help solve my problem.

Although I called for a simple issue, Eric resolved it quickly. He is obviously well trained and proficient in his  knowledge not only of  our community guidelines but also Envera’s policies. Give that man a raise or he needs to be employee of the month 🙂

These are the success stories Envera Systems can produce for your community.

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Preventing Gate Damage – And How to Deal with it When it Happens

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Preventing Gate Damage – And How to Deal with it When it Happens

You don’t have to be in this industry to know that gates and barrier arms get hit a lot. More than a lot. Whether you live in a gated community, visit friends or family that do, or just pass by, the damage is hard to miss when it happens.

Often times the gate was hit by a tailgater. It’s possible the driver didn’t know how to get in and thought he or she could follow closely behind someone else. Of course though, the driver didn’t make it. It could have also been that the entrance to the community wasn’t lit well at night, and the driver didn’t see the barrier arms as he or she turned in. Either way, it only gets worse when that driver took off, and now the community is left with the costs.

To try and solve the initial problem, it is important that a community has the appropriate barrier arms or gates installed. For instance, if the entrance is rather dark at night, consider LED barrier arms. Envera Systems installs these arms that are red when closed and green while opening. The arms illuminate the gated entry and make drivers more aware of it. (more…)

Outdated Entries: Keeping up with Technology

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Outdated Entries: Keeping up with Technology

Entry Into the Community

If you haven’t waited in the long line at the entrance to a community, you’re one of few. It’s a frustration many encounter in their own neighborhoods, or the neighborhood of a friend. The common culprit—an outdated entry system. To make matters worse, the overall security of the community is likely suffering.

While the stacking at the entrance of a community may seem like a small nuisance, it can become a bigger problem if the community is located near a busy road. That’s because cars get backed up and overflow into the street, causing unexpected traffic delays and possibly accidents.

The most common, out-of-date system that can cause these problems is a telephone entry system. In terms of smooth entrance transactions, this system is the most likely to fail. Not only is a call box itself typically unreliable and susceptible to malfunctions, but codes are also easily forgotten or misused. When that happens, guests can spend large amounts of time scrolling through hundreds of names to find the right one.

A telephone entry system also leaves communities less secure. If it’s a system with a four-digit code, then the numbers can easily be determined—even if each resident has their own code. That can actually makes it easier for an unwelcome visitor to guess and gain access.

Some communities make it easy with just one code. While that could often decrease the chances of stacking for the community, having one code that anyone can use is ineffective in making sure the neighborhood is safe. It can be easily shared or widely known to people outside of the community. (more…)