Securing Your Community Against Workplace Violence – FLCAJ August

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Securing Your Community Against Workplace Violence – FLCAJ August

How to Handle Disgruntled Employees or Upset Residents

Preparation for workplace violence at a community should not be overlooked. Although it is a concern that is hopefully avoided, there are precautionary measures that can help prevent violence, as well as systems that can assist in handling upset employees, terminated workers, or angry residents. All of which can help keep the community safer.

First, when hiring on-site employees, the community or property manager should consider having background checks and drug screenings completed for the potential workers. These can alert the community to any previous problems or concerns. While in the office or on community property, have open conversations about community and company policies. Also, have a reporting method in place that all community employees are aware of in case someone acts suspicious or behaves violently.

If the community does not already have technology in place to help manage and monitor the property, there are many systems to be considered. These security options can help control the users of an area, verify individuals entering and exiting the community, as well as oversee certain buildings or amenities. (more…)

Envera gives back to the Collier County Community

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Envera gives back to the Collier County Community

Envera Systems is proud to support all of our first responders!

Security Consultant Ben Thurmond presented a check for $1,000 to the Collier County 100 Club at a law enforcement appreciation fundraiser in Naples. The donation was one of the highlights of the night’s law enforcement appreciation fundraiser at Cosmos Pizzeria, 536 U.S. 41 N. in Naples, FL.

All proceeds benefit the Collier County 100 Club which provides financial assistance to the families of fallen emergency responders. Thank you for you service Collier County Sheriff’s Office!

Ben Thurmond, right, of Envera Systems, a security service based in Sarasota, presents a check for $1,000 to Collier County 100 Club President Patrick O’Connor, middle, while Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk looks on.

Security – Keep People in the Plan – FLCAJ June

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Security – Keep People in the Plan – FLCAJ June

For a complete security system, there is no contest between man and machine; it will take the best of both.

Crystal Clark with Envera Systems advises, “Having the right security sys- tem can prevent a problem, detect a problem, and respond to a problem—as well as provide evidence when an incident occurs.” These goals are best achieved with a combination of the power of technology and the judgment of humans.

The first stage of securing a property physically is access control. “The main points of exit and entry for a condominium are typically the lobby, the parking garage, and the fire exits,” according to Michael Hough with GNM Hough Inc. “This first line of defense can use a long-range reader to control car access, but there can be an unauthorized person in the car. Then you have a second line of defense with proximity access cards. Today, whenever you have a card reader, you should have a camera associated with it to verify identities.

“There is a discrepancy between access control and a complete security system,” Hough notes. “Builders may leave out door contacts and monitoring points, so if a door is left open, you’ll never know. We put in door sensors, so if a door is left open for a set amount of time, an alarm sounds. A person can check it, or we can integrate it with the camera system so you can visually verify if the door is open or closed. If it appears closed, you may have a faulty sensor.

“When video and access control are integrated, you can easily replay the last two minutes before the door is left open. Though someone doesn’t necessarily have to watch the video around the clock, since there is an alarm notification, you still need someone to respond,” says Hough. “If the system sends a text and no one is there, nothing happens, and there was no point to monitoring. (more…)