Service Level Commitment

  • Envera will provide an efficient and reliable gated entrance monitoring service that is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using trained and Class D licensed operators responsible for using commercially reasonable efforts in greeting guests; maintaining traffic flow; and verifying that visitors are on an approved visitor list, subject to any post orders by Client, and to the Security System and Client’s Gates functioning under normal conditions.

  • Envera will answer, at a minimum, 85% of the kiosk calls within 30 seconds.

  • Envera will employ redundant systems and power backup for the central monitoring station at all times.

  • Envera will employ upgrades that may be available to the gate monitoring software.

  • Envera will employ software for monitoring the kiosk and related Internet-based systems for connectivity and continuity.

  • Envera will provide Client, as part of the service agreement, administrative software for managing each community’s visitor and resident database.

  • Envera will provide Client as part of the service agreement web access to all residents within each community for managing their permanent and temporary guests.

  • Envera will maintain a Voicemail system for guest registry.

  • Envera will make available a designated implementation team to provide training and assistance as needing during the implementation of the Security System.

All of the above shall be included in the standard rates set forth in the Monitoring and Database Service Rates.

Effective as of December 31, 2015