Testimonial: Jim A., Board Member in Sarasota, FL


Below is a testimonial from Jim A., Board Member in Sarasota, FL with a community utilizing Envera’s solutions.

I recently had a scheduled appointment with Wendy W. (Sr. Account Manager at Envera). I wanted to pass on to her superiors that she is one of the sharpest reps that I have ever met. As president (of the community), she was able to educate me and offer effective guidance in technical customer assistance. She took time to explain numerous questions and offered her opinion on updates and employment of the Envera site for real time usage. I spent 20 years dealing with various reps on both state and federal level contracts, and Wendy by far was the most thorough.

These are the success stories Envera Systems can produce for your community with a secure system tailored to your community’s needs. Envera’s security solutions include the Virtual Gate Guard and Access Control.

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