Active Video Surveillance Stops Community Pool Vandals


Envera Systems’ Active Video Surveillance protects community pool areas from trespassers and vandals.

It’s 3:52 am in a tranquil Kendall, Florida neighborhood. A quiet morning like any other until an intoxicated and belligerent man broke into the community pool. Luckily, Envera Systems’ Active Video Surveillance was protecting the area.

As soon as the intruder breached the perimeter, the Envera Central Station received an alarm and Envera’s licensed guards began monitoring the trespasser through a secure video feed.

While contacting local security, Envera’s guards voiced down to the culprit, demanding he leave the premises. Even as security arrived, the man refused to vacate the area and began violently throwing chairs into the pool.

Envera’s guards then contacted the police, who arrived promptly and arrested the trespasser. No one was hurt, there was no significant property damage, and the video footage recorded by Envera’s Active Video Surveillance was used as evidence of the vandal’s actions.

Mansion on water

“This is another example of great cooperation between Envera, security, and local authorities,” remarked Nathan Charette, Senior Vice President of Operations for Envera Systems.

Envera’s constant monitoring of the pool area enabled security and police to be contacted and arrive onsite before the situation could escalate further, and provided evidence for effective prosecution.

Envera Systems, industry leader in active video surveillance and outdoor asset protection, currently secures hundreds of community pools, clubhouses, parks and entry points.

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