Welcome to the Board – FLCAJ February 2020

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New to the Board? Get to Know Your Security Provider(s)


If you’re new to your association’s board, welcome! There are likely many service providers employed by your community, including a security vendor(s). Working with a security company as a board member can be quite different from being a resident.

First, you will want to find out if there is only one security company servicing your association. For example, the company that services the gates at the entrance, pool, or other area may be different from the company that provides a visitor verification system, video surveillance, or additional access control.

Once you know the company servicing each system used at your community, you will want to provide them updated contact information including phone numbers and email addresses. Notifying a company of changes to an association board should initiate the company’s steps in educating new board members on the systems provided and any procedures for requesting repairs, data records, video footage, etc.

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